After going to a dermatologist whose treatment plan of endless antibiotics did nothing to clear my daughters face. I looked for a different approach. Kelli takes great pride and care in her work and is really interested in getting good results for her clients. I highly recommend this treatment plan for a number of reasons. Appointments every two weeks to check progress. Adjustments in products to keep skin from getting accustomed to routine. Results for my child were pretty fast and she contues to see improvement after 3 months of being on this program. Acne can be tough to conquer and you can spend lots of money trying lots of products but this program is certainly worth the money.

Laura C.

I am so glad I found Kellie when I moved to Albany. She is a professional &knowledgeable aesthetician. I had a bad acne break out and she got me in an intensive 3 month treatment program. During the treatment, I met her every 2 week and my skin went through periods of peeling and break out, which she anticipated. After about 2 months, my acne is clearing and my face has never been better. I continue to use the product she recommend at home.

Fee L.

My acne was at an all time low. I had no confidence in my skin. within months my skin was clear! Kellie specialized my treatments and knew exactly what to do for my skin. The products are great and affordable. I have seen several dermatologist and spent tons of money on products that didn’t work. Going to Kellie was the best thing i have ever done. I get so many compliments on my skin now. i never thought I’d hear the words “You have such a nice complexion”.

Emily R.

Kellie is awesome, my skin looks so much better since I started the Acne program. Thanks so much!

Nina S.

About half way through college my acne became out of control, but Kellie worked her magic and my face is clear. She’s extremely nice and has so much knowledge when it comes to your face. She always explains what she’s doing and provides a relaxing environment. After a couple of months of seeing her, and following the routines she gave, my face has cleared up. I use to hate my skin, but now I love it. I would suggest her to anyone and everyone.

Theresa S.

I am 32 years old and have been seeing Kellie for my acne for over 2 years now. Ever since I was a teenager, I have had acne. I tried OTC treatments and Proactiv for years, but nothing worked 100% or for very long. But Kellie’s facials, products and at-home instructions have made a difference. A couple weeks ago, I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while, and she complimented my skin out of the blue – that’s a special thing for someone who has always been self-conscious about her skin!

Amy K.

I could not be happier with the results I’ve gotten from Kellie and her facials. I had problems with moderate acne for years, went to numerous dermatologists, got prescribed every antibiotic and spent a boat load of money on facials and products with zero results! Finally, through a friend of the family I was introduced to Kellie. From day one she did not pressure me to buy her products ( which I now use faithfully ), she was better priced than any of the spas i went to previously, and she simplified my process of skin care. Now a year and a half later I’m still going to her every 8 weeks for maintenance (started off going every 4 weeks when i had acne) and my face is COMPLETELY clear.

I honestly can not remember the last time i had a breakout. Not only is she my miracle worker but she is the absolute sweetest, and extremely accommodating. I will be going to her for a long, long time thats for sure. I also might add that she introduced me to getting Brazilians, which i have wanted to get forever but was always scared. I’ve gotten two so far and don’t plan on stopping those either =). Sooo long story short, Kellie is amazing at what she does and i think everyone should go to her!

Rachel B.

I am 30 years old and started suffering from acne at age 27. For 3 years I visited 2 dermatologists, took antibiotics, tried many face creams, even got allergy testing, took vitamins, changed my diet and nothing worked. I found Kellie during an online search. I decided to join her and her plan to clear up my face. The results are AMAZING. I have even texted and called her when I really needed her advice. The best part is she works with you throughout every phase. I owe my confidence to her!!!

Jennifer G.

Kellie literally saved my skin. I had fought acne for nearly 10 years when I came to see her, and acne in your 40s is not fun! I had tried virtually everything to beat it but my acne kept getting worse. Within a few months, my skin was 100% clear – something none of the many doctors I had seen over the years was able to do. Kellie is wealth of knowledge not only about skin, but about living a healthier lifestyle in general.

Aimee M.

I have been seeing Kellie for a year and the difference in my acne is amazing. I have been struggling since middle school with acne, been to multiple different dermatologists, and have been on multiple medications that never really worked. Nothing has worked like her treatment has. My skin looks so much better and I rarely have breakouts. I’m so grateful for what she has done for me!

Kristine C.

I have struggled with acne for 7 years and have tried numerous treatments/prescriptions. They all seemed to have the same trend… worked great at first and then my acne would come back. I used to break out a lot and often. I have been going to Kellie for a little over a year now and continue to be pleased. I hardly have any breakouts anymore and everyone comments on how great my skin looks. I am so happy that I found Advanced Skin Treatments!

Alex G.

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