Clinic Policies

Covid-19 Reopening Guidelines 

At Clear Solutions, the safety and health of my clients and has always been and will continue to be my highest priority. My practice has always been compliant with OSHA and the CDC in order to prevent the spread of infection among clients.

During this challenging time where the impact of COVID-19 is evolving, I recognize the importance of expanding my proactive approach to treat my clients in a safe environment. It is my job to do everything I can to make my clients feel secure and comfortable resuming skin treatments at Clear Solutions.

I have spent a great deal of time researching ways to provide the safest environment possible. I have taken a course “Committed To Health & Safety Infection Control” and am now Certified. At this time I would like to share with you Clear Solutions protocol upon reopening once the Governor allows me to.

1. Pre Screening Questionnaire
Clients will be asked to fill out pertinent information and submit it through email no later than the
morning of their scheduled appointment This form can be found on my website

Once on the website click treatments and look to your right where you see forms, scroll down to where you see COVID-19 Liability Waiver click on that and read, answer, sign and date then hit submit. For those of you that may not have a computer please call me 518 378-4763 the morning of your appointment and I will go through it with you. If I do not receive the form or a phone call I will have to reschedule your appointment.

2. Clients will need to check in on the Vagaro app. If you don’t have a Vagaro account please download the Vagaro app and create an account. Once your Acct is set up go to appointments and when you see your appointment you will be able to check-in by clicking check-in, I will receive notification that you are here. You will remain in your vehicle until I send you a notification via text that I am ready for you. All Clients will be asked to make sure they have their mask on before entering the office. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the door. Upon entering the treatment room, you may remove your mask however once the treatment is complete you must put the mask back on and again sanitize your hands. I will wear a face mask and face shield the entire time.

3. No one will be allowed to come into the office and wait for you while your service is taking place.

4. When scheduling clients, I am allowing more time in between appointments to avoid high congestion in the office and to allow ample time for sanitation and disinfecting.

5. I will use disposable linens.

6. If you have a credit card on file, that will be charged for services and products. If there is not a card on file you will need to swipe and sign or pay cash or check.

I have a self-sanitizing film on my iPad from Nano Septic.

I apologize for any inconvenience, however, I am committed to your health and safety. It is something I take seriously.
Thank you for continuing to support my business. I value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming you back.

Kellie Campbell


Hours of Operation

Tuesday through Saturday by appointment.


Cancellation Policy

We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In our desire to be effective and fair to all clients, the following policies are honored:

24 hour advance notice is required when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. Failure to provide a 24 hour advance notice will result in a $30 late cancellation fee. This amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.



Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment for any reason will be considered a “no-show” and will be charged a $50 fee.


Late Arrivals

If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, We will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the “full” session. Out of respect and consideration to me and other customers, please plan accordingly and be on time.


Payment Policy and Options

All payments are due at time of appointment. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash and checks. Returned checks are subject to a $35 return check fee.

While we do not accept insurance, occasionally those with Flex Spending accounts may be able to such an account. Please check with your company to see if this is an option.


Refund Policy

We are unable to process any returns or reimburse any payment transaction on any treatment, treatment series packages or products that are purchased. We will, however, issue a credit of equal value for products or services. All exchanges for credit are subject to approval.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are non-refundable and must be presented at the time of service and expire one year from date of purchase. They are guaranteed for purchase dollar value as service prices may change without notice.


Cell Phones

Please turn off or put on vibrate so not to be disturbed during your treatment.



All prices and services are subject to change.

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